The Dunes of Flanders

The Flanders Dunes are a fragile and diverse ecosystem, home to many rare plant and animal species. Visitors can explore the dunes and discover their natural richness during walks or bike rides.

The beaches of the Dunkirk region are also renowned for their water sports activities. Kitesurfers, surfers and windsurfers come from far and wide to take advantage of the waves and wind that are ideal for these sports. Children and adults can also have fun with the many beach activities on offer, including beach volleyball, kite flying and swimming.

Six beaches with different attractions line the coastal part of Flanders from the Belgian border to the beaches of Pas de Calais.

plage cote opale dunkerque nord

Bray-Dunes is the last seaside resort before Belgium, with 10 km of beach bordered by two dunes protected by natural sites, the Parrot Dune and the Merchant Dune. Visitors can enjoy hiking and sand yachting or simply relax on the sand.

Zuydcoote is a quiet beach, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds. The Dewulf Dune that borders the beach also offers a biodiversity trail for nature lovers.

The beach of Leffrinckoucke is a must in the region, with its beautiful promenade and water activities such as kitesurfing and sailing. It is the beach where you will find the most relics of the past, from bunkers to the dune fort museum. The dunes that border the beach also offer a breathtaking view of the sea.

Beach of Zuycoote © C.Girboux

The beach of Malo-les-Bains, located close to the city centre of Dunkerque, offers a breathtaking view of the sea with its long dike and 4km of fine sand. A lively atmosphere with many bars, restaurants and souvenir shops.

Beach of Petit-Fort-Philippe ©Jean-Luc Boin

The beach of Petit Fort Philippe seaside resort of Gravelines is a hidden gem of the region, with its beautiful pier and calm, shallow waters, ideal for families with young children. Its small beach huts and summer entertainment make it the small family beach par excellence. It is also a 4-star nautical resort.

Parc de l’Estran grand-Fort-Philippe ©gilvidal

Finally, the beach of Grand Fort Philippe and the park of the Estran, which is partly equipped with duckboards and educational panels, allow the discovery of the fauna and flora.

All in all, the beaches of the Dunes of Flanders are an ideal destination for a seaside getaway. With its unspoilt natural landscape, water sports activities and picturesque charm.