The town of Bergues, located in the Nord department in France, is an ideal tourist destination for lovers of history, architecture and culture. This fortified town is surrounded by ramparts and is home to architectural treasures such as the Hôtel de Ville and the Abbaye Saint-Winoc.

maison hotes beffroi bergues
Belfry of Bergues © Velvet / Wikimedia Commons

The jewel of the town is without doubt the Bergues belfry, which rises proudly above the Place du Marché aux Bestiaux. This emblematic monument of the town, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers an unobstructed view of the surrounding area from its summit. It houses a carillon of 50 bells, which was featured in the film bienvenue chez les chti.

rempart de bergues
Ramparts of Bergues

In addition to the belfry, the ramparts of Bergues are also a major attraction for visitors. These impressive fortifications are a reminder of the town’s rich history and bear witness to its proud military tradition. Walks through the fortifications have been made partly accessible to everyone, but gradually the vegetation has taken over and the 4 km of fortifications have been transformed into a natural area.

Bergues is also known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, which inspired the cult film “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”. The inhabitants of Bergues are proud of their town and welcome visitors with a smile and an accent of their own. A Ch’ti tour is always organised to retrace the filming with the locations and anecdotes from the film.

Bergues, near Dunkirk, also celebrates its carnival as it should by concluding the day with its “rigodon” around the square.

chambres hotes tour de bergues
Remains of the abbey of Saint Winoc ©Vipaladi Fotolia

Art and history lovers will be pleased with the Mont Piété museum. This museum, a fine example of Flemish architecture, houses a collection of historical objects, Flemish paintings and sculptures that provide an insight into the fascinating history of the region. The former slaughterhouse is also a remarkable building that was converted into a microbrewery in 2023.

Architecture enthusiasts can admire the magnificent St. Martin’s Church and the remains of St. Winoc’s Abbey, as well as the gates of Hondeschoote, Cassel and Dunkirk. The southern ramparts and the Nekerstor tower also bear witness to the historical importance of the city.
For those with a sweet tooth, the Dunkerquoise biscuit factory is a must in Bergues. This local pastry shop offers home-made waffles and sweet specialities that will delight the most demanding taste buds.

Finally, it is impossible to leave Bergues without trying the local cheese. Bergues cheese, made from local cow’s milk, is a famous speciality that can be tasted in many of the town’s restaurants.

All in all, Bergues is a must-see tourist destination for anyone wishing to discover the history and culture of the region. With its emblematic belfry, its ramparts, its historical monuments, its culinary specialities and its friendly atmosphere, Bergues is a town that will not fail to seduce visitors.

fromage de bergues et sa bière 3 monts
Bergues cheese