The 2 Caps site

Located in the Pas-de-Calais department, in the North of France, the 2 Capes natural site is a real gem of the Opal Coast. It is formed by two rocky capes overlooking the English Channel: the Cap Blanc-Nez and the Cap Gris-Nez. These two cliffs are considered to be one of the most beautiful natural sites in France, offering breathtaking views of the sea and the English coast.
Cap Blanc-Nez: a rich history and a breathtaking view.

We leave from the small village of Escalle to discover Cap Blanc-Nez, the highest point of the Opal Coast, with an altitude of 134 metres. It owes its name to the white colour of its limestone cliffs, which contrast with the blue of the sea. It is the most northerly cliff in France from which the English coast can be seen in good weather.

Cap Blanc-Nez ©Alexandra Barthod

Cap Blanc-nez

Cap Blanc-Nez has been the scene of many historic events, including the Battle of Boulogne in 1940, during which British troops resisted German attacks.

You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere as the wind blows through the fields and the sheep graze in the pastures.
Today, Cap Blanc-Nez is a popular place for walking. You can admire the view of the sea, watch migratory birds and go hiking or cycling on the paths that run along the cliff. It is also possible to go to the beach of Cran d’Escalles below to enjoy a moment of relaxation at the water’s edge. This sandy and pebble beach is rather narrow at high tide but with an unobstructed view of the Cap Gris-Nez.

sport nautique wissant
Wissant Beach © Raimond Spekking / Wikimedia Commons

Wissant, a seaside resort nestled between the 2 capes

Continuing your journey you will arrive in Wissant, one of the most beautiful seaside resorts on the Opal Coast with its 12km of fine sandy beach, but beware here again at high tide the beach becomes very narrow and it is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Europe. In the centre of this coastal town, traditional fishermen’s houses and seaside villas stand side by side, and for those who like seafood-based gastronomy, there is a wide choice of restaurants.

Cap Gris-Nez ©Gregoire SIEUW

Cap Gris-Nez: a panoramic view of the English coast 10km from Cap Blanc Nez

Cap Gris-Nez is the closest point to the English coast, with only 34 kilometres between the two capes. It owes its name to the grey colour of its cliffs, which are made of chalk and sand.

Cap Gris-Nez was also a strategic place during the two world wars, because of its geographical position. The obelisk on top of it commemorates the soldiers who died in the First World War to protect the Pas de Calais Strait.

The brewery of the 2 capes located between Tardinghen and Audinghem, offers visits and tastings, a good way to mix culture, nature and pleasure.

And finally, to enjoy a meal while taking in the view of the sea, the restaurant La Sirène offers not only seafood but also a panoramic view of the sea.

Today, Cap Gris-Nez is a popular place for walking. On a clear day, you can admire the panoramic view of the sea and the English coast, as well as the richness of the local flora and fauna. The site is also ideal for hiking, cycling and fishing.

Audresselles ©Jean-Luc Boin


To the south of Cap Gris, Audresselles is a small and picturesque fishing village, very popular with our Belgian and Dutch friends. The fishermen’s houses, often white with coloured shutters, the traditional fishing boats and the wild beach give this village its authenticity. The rocky beach is ideal for gathering mussels and shellfish, which is why there are many restaurants on the terraces offering the catch of the day. If you like seafood and shellfish, you can try La Marie Galante

Ambleteuse Fort © Dguendel/ Wikimedia Commons

Ambleteuse with its fort and the bay of slack

Going down a little further you will arrive at Ambleteuse, a long time military town due to its position, which has kept its fort surrounded by the sea, built by Vauban and classified since 1965, and the bay of Slack for beautiful walks.

villas wimmereux
Wimmereux Villas © Anais.Vrolant

Wimmereux and its villas

It is one of the seaside resorts of the 2 Capes site that has kept the most villas from the end of the 19th century. Bow-window balconies characterise these. A beautiful beach with colourful wooden cabins in the summer period reinforces this belle époque atmosphere.

Exceptional natural wealth

The natural site of the 2 capes is home to a wealth of flora and fauna. These include rare and protected plants such as the pyramidal orchid and the gentian pneumonanthe, as well as migratory bird species such as scoters, cormorants and kittiwakes. The cliffs themselves provide a habitat for many species of bats.

The natural site of the 2 Capes offers a multitude of activities for visitors. In addition to hiking, cycling and fishing, it is possible to swim on the Cap Blanc-Nez beach in summer.

Take advantage of being just a stone’s throw from Boulogne sur mer to visit Nausicaa with its giant aquarium and its marine environment discovery centre offering visits and activities for all ages, or visit the old town and its ramparts and the crypt of the Notre Dame Basilica. And if you are hungry for seafood, I recommend the Châtillon restaurant in the port area, open in the morning for fishermen, dockers and fishmongers, working with the day’s catch and offering excellent value for money.

On your way out why not visit the lace museum in Calais or see the Giant Dragon on the seafront.

The natural site of the 2 Capes offers a multitude of activities for visitors. In addition to hiking, cycling and fishing, it is possible to swim on the beach of Cap Blanc-Nez in summer.

2 caps carte touristique-Chambres d'hôtes côte d'opale
Tourist map of the 2 capes